Released Projects

iHW Mobile Apps

The iHW Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android give students and faculty at Harvard-Westlake easy access to their daily schedules and to the school calendar. Designed specifically for the cycle schedule system used at Harvard-Westlake, iHW knows which classes meet on each day, and is automatically updated to include special schedules, holidays, exams, and other events. iHW was created by Jonathan Burns ’14 in Summer 2013 and released September 16, 2013. Visit for more information.

iHW Online

The iHW Mobile Apps connect to an online system at to download the most updated data. This system, which includes an administration panel, web-based schedule previews, and more, allows authorized students and teachers to update the iHW app and HW InfoCenter seamlessly and automatically. iHW Online was developed by Jonathan Burns ’14 during the 2013-14 school year and by David Woldenberg ’15 from Summer 2014.

HW InfoCenter

The HW InfoCenter system consists of information screens to be displayed in public areas around campus. Each screen will include a slideshow of school posters and video clips, a schedule preview with countdown timer, and a news ticker that displays the most recent HW Chronicle articles. The HW InfoCenter is a part of iHW Online. An initial trial was performed in Spring 2014 at the Upper School, and the HW Tech Council expanded the system during the 2014-15 school year.

/Sign-Out Kiosk

HW Tech Council members Branden Kim ’15 and James Lennon ’15 are working with Mr. Preciado to create a system of kiosks located at the entrances of the Upper School to replace the paper sign-in/sign-out sheets. As students arrive or leave campus, they scan their ID card or smartphone app instead of writing or checking off their names on a paper list. The scan information is then transmitted to the attendance office.
Seniors: to sign up for the sign-in/sign-out system, click here.

Under Development

Nothing under development right now. Have an idea for a project? Contact a Tech Council member!


Nothing proposed right now. Have an idea for a project? Contact a Tech Council member!